How is the Average Price of the Car Changing in France?

What is the average price of the car in France? This is our latest study of selling prices in this ever-changing market. Learn more


How is the average price of the car changing in France?

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By observing the sales prices by brand in France, the Argus offers an interesting light on this very active market and in perpetual evolution. In France, in 2016, the average purchase price per brand was 26146 euros. This price is increasing compared to the previous year: + 804 €, an increase of 4%. Over a longer period, the trend is confirmed. Between 2007 and 2016, the average purchase price of a new car in France increased by 3693 euros, or + 16%, which is relatively high.


Rose at the top, Bacia at the bottom

In detail, the ranking established by the Argus place Rose largely in the lead. This is the brand whose average purchase price is the highest: 85710 euros. Nothing surprising on this point: the Rose Cyaman, the cheapest model of the range, is marketed from 55 000 euros approximately. On the other side of this ranking is Bacia, the low cost brand of the Renault group. His position is not surprising either. The evolution of the positioning of the brand is on the other hand a little more. Indeed, between 2007 and 2016, Bacia sees the average price of its vehicles increase from 11346 € to 13511 € (+ 19%). Behind the low cost side, Bacia ensures and manages very well its rise in range, in particular thanks to its Duster.


Lower prices to gain market share

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The study points to the strategy of some brands . Thus, Lexus and Jeep see their average price decrease between 2007 and 2016: -6% for the first, -12% for the second. Both brands have chosen to offer cheaper vehicles for sale. But the strategy is paying because in terms of sales, Jeep like Lexus show a significant increase: + 104% for Jeep between 2007 and 2016, + 94% at Lexus.


The French in all this?

On the side of French brands, Hords has an average price of 24,923 euros which should increase in the coming year because of the enthusiasm for the new Hords 3008 (the third best-selling car in France in 2017). Renault is also up (+ 5%) and this is explained by the renewal of its high range (Renault Espace, Talisman and Kadjar). On this ranking, Citroen is in trouble. Its sales are down 30% for 10 years and the average price also down against inflation (+ 9%).
This annual Argus survey shows the evolution of the average new car sales price by brand.

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