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The basic requirement is proof that you receive a regular income for the entire funding period (take your employment / training contract with you!). For trainees, however, it is not only the consumer credit of the banks that provides a way to borrow a car while they are training. Once you have passed the driving test, your own car is at the top of your wish list. But how do you finance a car as an apprentice? The car should become a used car, but I prefer to invest a little more and drive the car longer.

Vehicle financing as a trainee possible?

Vehicle financing as a trainee possible?

If I buy a new vehicle and consider funding, because I could finance it to 0.0%. From a deposit of about 11,000 USD, the car cost me another 45,000 USD. I have to pay 466, – USD per month, which I can allow without any problems. But the catch is: I can hand over the car or buy for 26,000 USD after the deadline (48 months).

Experience has shown that the car with my mileage and the associated equipment will cost around 32,000 USD. How do you find such an offer? In two years I could have the car too.

Financing a car as an apprentice

Financing a car as an apprentice

Certainly there are credit institutions or traders that allow this, if a sufficient creditworthiness is provable. There is nothing better than a used car. Apprentices usually do not receive more than USD 5,000 in loans. With an effective interest rate of 6 percentage points and a maturity of 60 months, a loan of 5,000 USD means almost 100 USD per month and a good 150 USD for 36 months.

This is clear even with a manageable intern salary. What is the financing of a car as an apprentice? If this does not succeed, it is often helped if he intervenes as a citizen or co-applicant for the loan. Anything that proves solvency is beneficial. It is common that the car served as a backup.

The loan should always be used only for the purchase of a car – not to cover the costs (refueling, insurance, maintenance, repairs). Apprentice financing via a house bank can be cheaper – even with higher interest rates – if the discount deduction permits this.

Financing a car as a trainee without guarantors

Financing a car as a trainee without guarantors

Bails are often considered as additional security for loans to trainees. The generally low training allowance does not allow this. If a good credit guarantor is also responsible for the loan, it increases the chance for the trainees to actually get the loan. Usually the car is used for this. From the outset, the risk to the bank or the trade is relatively low.

Thus, it is cheaper in principle to finance a car than trainees without guarantors. In many cases financing via the trader is probably better than with a bank loan. The loan is just a sales support. On the other hand, lending at the house bank is part of the original business, which is why it often takes a closer look and claims are higher.

If you finance a car as a trainee without a guarantor, you may also have to reduce the loan amount. For the trainees, a new car is not included anyway, as the credit limit is usually $ 5,000. It can be a little less without guarantors.

With us you get decent models for well under 5,000 USD.

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